We provide working and living conditions for artists whose work we find interesting. If suitable, we are also keen on organising

a showing and a feedback session at the end of the residency, in the studio itself or in other partner venue in Ljubljana.

The maximum residency period is 2 weeks.

The residency can host up to 4 artists working as a group.

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding conditions and pricing.

NOise Cirkus

In residency from

3-15 December 2018


Showing of the work-in-progress

15 December, 8 PM, Studio EX-teater

Mismo Nismo

The Ambiguous Vagabond

In residency from

10-17 June 2019


Showing of the work-in-progress

17 June, 12 and 5.30 PM, Park Zvezda, Klovnbuf

Gilad Shabtay


In residency

October 2020


Stella Zannou

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